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Old 12-20-2013, 02:41 PM
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[halloween]Vigil of All Saints

Halloween=All Hallows eve. All Hallows? =All Saints, Oct. 31st vigil (evening) Mass. What would make Saints scary? that they live on? Like ghosts (hallow). Saints are not scary. They do live on. In soul. From the term "...as it was in the beginning, is now and will be forever." Not just words. A goal for many. to sanctify. Not settling, gettng as much +spritual development as one can. Saints get to help out even after death. Miracles, upon miracles. So why would people choose to put on plastic bags, suffocating masks. Dress up as people who can't do anything for them. Even worse, dress up as demonic images, as if inviting them in. Or be around others who probably already have them. While in The Church it's a day of obligation. Meaning you're suppose to make it in because there's something there. There's something in the church every day. Blessings, healings, purification, etc., etc. There's something there even when one does not walk in for weekday mass. Just walking into a church (which is what a few only have time for--in before work, in after work) draws blessings; or prayer in front of a remembrance--icon, or statue [sincerely]; sitting, reading a couple of prayers-- benefits come from these actions. So why the obligation days (there are about 6?) They're saying "There's something there, today" That's as far as they'll go, which is just like the Church instead of saying heaven's opening up y una lluvia de bendiciones... who knows. It may help if one's washed up, cleaned up, clean conscienced, confessed to receive better or more, but then again Jesus healed and forgave sins at the same time, hence pne can walk in for a second and be knocked off one's feet or receive a miracle. So what's the obligation about? they're saying you can count on something, this is concrete? It doesn't matter anyway, if you think of the magnitude. There are individual saint's days. Blessed Carlos Rodriguez-- woman's husband prays to him and for him. [which is how it goes. It's not a saint only job] and wife cured of like 4 or 5 obstacles. All Saints. Figure you some good treats at All Saints vigil (evening) mass. No trick all treat. Nod to saints only costume parties, sharing of saints info., reading Saint biographies. Padre Pio, one of several who received the nail marks as Jesus and bled daily. It wasn't thought of as gorrie. More like people were thankful because the benefits of his restraint extended to them. Like parents sacrificing for children;friends for friends. It wasn't his doing, who can withstand, it was God's doing. Nevertheless people thankful of his efforts in sustaining. Happy All Hallows Eve (evening) vigil Mass hours listed in parish bulletins on websites. In bygone days children name of Saint of which day born. January 20th. Saints Fabian and Sebastian. There are saint mothers, Santa Monica, who prayed for son for 17 years. Prayed for husband, successfully, prayed for mother in law, successfully. The son who use to hang out, had a child out of wedlock, etc., etc.--ended up being a bishop. There are several married saints. Saints from every condition. Mother Teresa of Calcutta would say to her nuns, "I will be of more use to you after I've passed on". Hmm. What calls about Halloween may not be Halloween itself. Unification (communion) beyond life is All Saints Day. There are person who led saintly lifes and were sanctified in this life in all religions. May other religions be more in touch with greater and more fulfilling reality. (Unbelievably sad when you think about it). And may younger generations be more in touch with greater and more fulfilling reality too. ["It'd be better that a noose be tied around their neck than they make one of these Little Ones (spiritually innocent) fall (deviated from Union (in any way, shape or form))."hs]
Nov.1st Mass vigil(evening) or Nov. 2 Mass with prayers for those passed on. Again, communion.

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