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Old 07-29-2001, 11:20 PM
Frankie Frankie is offline
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The Puerto Rican Community and Hispanics in General

The Puerto Rican Community of East Harlem has been ripped-off completely from all their apartments, their buildings and all their business without no compassion whatsoever.

Ever since David Dinkins became mayor of the City of New York, followed by the former Manhattan Borough President, Ruth Messinger and now Manhattan Borough President C. Virginia fields and the Community Board #11 the Chairman, David Givens, the Puerto Rican Community have been discriminated against and penalized; so are other ethnic groups poor as well, are suffering the same consequences as the Puerto Rican.

The Community Board #11 and the Chairman, David Givens his boss, C. Virginia Fields, Borough President and City Councilman of District 11 of East Harlem, Phillip Reed in which he, Mr. Reed has control in the Community Board 11 of 25 seats, one half Reed and one half C. Virginia Fields in which bring a total of 50 board members. In which the board members are majority African-American and from there come the committees. The Housing Committees and City Property and here is the cod fish, most of these members on this last committee mention Housing and City property, the members an majority old fashions dictators ladies. Their pleasure is doing damage against the Puerto Ricans and others Spanish groups in this community. These ladies role is to vote in favor of middle income construction buildings to bring in moderate developers, Home Depots and Home Ownership. No low income housing on those Brownstone and Cornerstone buildings and in the (use land) they claim that we have too much low income housing, but what this racist don't know Is the low income housing that we have here is Public Housing and there is nothing in Low Income on these Brownstone and Cornerstone buildings So the rate of the Community Board # 11 and their adminstrators and the Borough President of Manhattan, C. Virginia fields and Councilman of District 11, Phillip Reed is to get the Puerto Ricans out of East Harlem aid all other poor people from this community.

To C. Virginia Fields and Community Board 11 and Phillip Reed, I want to refresh Your discriminatorial mind, in the past about 70 years there were other ethnic groups here in East Harlem and the Puerto Rican community took all those discrimination and abuse of all than ethnic groups until July 18, 1949. The temperature was 100/Degress and that day we decided to stop all the abuse from those racist ethnic groups We the Puerto Rican ambush all those racist-Destination Jefferson Swimming Pool 112th Street and first Avenue

We the Puerto Ricans started the battle right there and we won at that battle field. Where were you at that time an the fast Harlem liberation of those ethnic group racist? We the Puerto Ricans have been fighting nary hard to stay here in East Harlem for more thou 70 years, WE love East Harlem.

Now we hold you and the Community Board # 11 and Councilman Phillip Reed, C. Virginia fields, Manhattan Borough President responsible for all this kind of discrimination and the tactics used against us the Puerto Rican. We are American Citizens. Community Board #11 is located In the heart of East Harlem and the majority are Puerto Ricans

I am asking for all the Puerto Rican not to vote for the racist candidates that are against us. The Puerto Rican and also the community should NOT VOTE for those candidates from our own kind that endorse enemy racist.

Discrimination is against the Law in the United States, we the Puerto Ricans are not asleep, we are alert here in Harlem. Just took around all the damage that is being done to us here In East Harlem by those racist In the Community board # 11, we the Puerto Ricans will never forget this Mr. David Givens, you force Jeanette Irizarry to quit the job that she was holding In the Community Board with Your dictatorship Ms Irizarry Was the best district manager that the Community Board # 11 ever had, she Is Puerto Rican and We are proud of her, Remember discrimination Is out of law In housing, health and on the job.

Frank T. Gonzalez

Last edited by Frankie : 07-29-2001 at 11:23 PM.
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Old 08-02-2001, 11:27 PM
muaddib muaddib is offline
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GOOOO Frankie!!!
Could have been written better, but I get the point. I love my African Brothers and Sisters, but EL Barrio is currently BROKE and must be fixed, mainly, total Hispanic Representation across the board. That includes the Community Board.
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