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Old 09-09-2003, 11:59 PM
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Reed Win's Third Term

East Harlem, September 9, 2003 --Councilman Philip Reed won his primary election against 5 Democratic challengers. Reed garnered over 54 percent of the vote. And in a heavily Democratic district where no one votes Republican is the more than likely winner in the upcoming November General Election.

Many Hispanics, who long for representation from one of their own, split their vote among the challengers. Thereby denying that possibility. The silver lining appearing to be that of Mr. Rosado's strong showing. He is now in the position of front runner should he decide to run for this seat again in four years.

Ms. Melissa Mark Viverito came in third. A good showing for her first attempt at elective office. Mr. Ruben Dario Vargas surprised everyone by coming in fourth, followed by community activist and entrepreneur, Mr. Edwin Marcial who came in fifth and Mr. Woody Henderson who came in sixth.

Hispanics must now regroup, consolidate and try to reach a consensus for future races. Not an easy thing to do. As egos would have to be left behind for that to happen. They must also work hard to get out the vote. Although Hispanics are the majority in East Harlem, they tend not to vote. Whereas African-Americans who make up about 34% of the population vote in high percentages and are therefore the determining factor in East Harlem elections. Regardless, Councilman Reed did well and deserves to be congratulated --Congratulations Councilman Reed on your win.

Race Results with 100% of the Election Districts Reporting. Thanks to NY1 and the A.P. for the results.
  • Candidate
    Phil Reed-----------------4478 Votes-----54.52%
    Felix Rosado--------------1589 Votes-----19.35%
    Melissa Mark Viverito-------973 Votes-----11.85%
    Ruben Dario Vargas--------467 Votes------5.69%
    Edwin Marcial--------------414 Votes------5.04%
    Woody Henderson---------293 Votes------3.57%
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Old 09-10-2003, 08:59 PM
muaddib muaddib is offline
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Join Date: Apr 2001
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You are too kind. Where is the rage? Where is the anger?
There are a few issues going on here.

1. Reed and his band of power hungry council people disregarded the will of the people in skirting the term limits imposed on them by the New York City Charter. I am apalled by their blatant self-interest in giving themselves the opportunity for another term. This is why people don't trust minorities. Cause sometime we tend to change the rules to suit ourselves. Exactly what Reed and Company did.

2. East Harlem deserves Hispanic representation. We are a majority Hispanic district. Harlem doesn't have one white person serving as a legislator. And for good reason. It shouldn't. They should be represented by those who make up the community (majority).

But Harlem politicians continue to cheat and manipulate district boundaries to suit themselves.

3. Reed is a West Sider with a West Sider mindset. He is not one of us. Why the F**K is he representing us? We don't need West Siders representing us. Personally he is a good person, but not the one we need.

Ms. Viverito can learn from this too. Melissa get support from within East Harlem next time. We don't need outsiders from the West Side or the Lower East Side affecting East Harlem politics. Outsiders don't have to live with the havoc they create here. Oh and smile more, people like that. They don't like the "angry or stoic" activist all the time. Dump that persona and you may go far. There is no charge for this advice.

4. How many of the candidates did Reed and his fellow Harlemites convince to get into the race to split the Hispanic vote? Believe me, it's not beyond the realm of possibility.

Lastly, a question for the Councilman (no I don't believe in that pc crap about councilpeople, chairperson, etc...). How can you sleep knowing that you have denied a whole community a representative from their own ranks? Yes we are partly at fault (Hispanics), but you have not helped the situation a whole lot. Please answer my question.

To Felix Rosado, good try. Better Luck Next Time.
To Edwin Marcial - do politics or business, but not both.
To Mr. Vargas, you can only go up from here.
To Fireman Ruiz, I don't get you.
To Evette Zayas, go girl, kick butt!!
To Harry Rodriguez, congratulations I know you must have won.
To Candy Maldonado, you should have backed a Hispanic and the idea of Hispanic representation in our community. We don't forget but we forgive. You are good people but don't go against your community again, please.
To Woody Henderson, who are you?

Sorry for the long windedness Jose, I just had to get it off my chest. And can you please take Reeds mug off the front page of your site. It's an affront to us the oppressed (by those politicians from Harlem and West Siders).

This opinion is protected by my free speech rights. If you can't take it, you don't belong in politics. And remember, this is a discussion forum. Which means a particular thing (ask your lawyers) and has a particular legal meaning.

Saying of the day
"Lawyers are those who practice law, but not necessarily Justice."
If you can destroy a thing, you can control a thing.

Last edited by muaddib : 09-10-2003 at 09:24 PM.
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Old 09-10-2003, 11:57 PM
LSRA LSRA is offline
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Thumbs up Reed

The results of the election were obvious soon after more that one Puerto Rican decided to run against the incumbent. All the incumbents won their council seats however this is not a good reason to have non-partisan elections coming up as a November referendum item.

Woody has been with the Sharpton' action network initially as advocate against the abuses of ACS in communities of color. I think he may be the head man of the Action Network as Sharpton continues his campaign for the Presidency of the USA.

Mr Rosado may be the man to beat in 2 years however he can lose to an unknown if more than one Latino challenges him like John Ruiz leaving the election up for grabs for a female white, black or latina.
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Old 09-11-2003, 09:56 PM
muaddib muaddib is offline
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Join Date: Apr 2001
Posts: 63
True enough about having too many Latinos in the next race. And If I were an African American candidate I'd be sure to pay a few people to get into the race. It's called Divide and Conquer.

It just may be possible the Community Board will never see a Latino majority if this continues to happen.

I promise you this....within Mr. Reed's upcoming term, there will be court action against him and the borough president to bring that board into compliance. Meaning a majority of the members being Hispanic.
If you can destroy a thing, you can control a thing.
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Old 10-30-2003, 10:23 PM
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Join Date: Apr 2001
Location: East Harlem/El Barrio/Spanish Harlem
Posts: 272
Thought I'd throw in my two cents into this discussion. A little late, but here goes. In regards to Councilman Reed's win, it may not be what you want it to be, but you never know how this may fit into what the divine wants for us. Could it be that Councilman Reed is exactly what we may need in East Harlem in this time and place? Great leaders appear just when we need them. It's just possible that the same applies here in El Barrio. So expect great things from the Councilman and who knows, you won't be so disappointed.
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