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JHS 45 Reunion

I have been dying to get together with old pals from my JHS 45 years. I attended JHS 45 from 7 - 9 grade. The years were 1978 - 1980 I think. Its so sad not to remember when you attended JHS. Maybe its age. Just in case anyone from the old school has found this site and has been communicating, I would like help in how to obtain an old year book from JHS 45 during those years and also finding some of my old pals that may still live in the area. I remember meeting an old friend Darlene Perry who works with the city now and she recognized me before I did her. I also remember the start of gang activity at JHS 45 while Mr. Bernstein was still principal.

Any help on how to start a reunion or get old information.
Your pal Yvonne
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