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Get Ready

This Councilmatic Election Is Actually A Race Between Money From The Bronx Machine And Money From The Pockets Of Everyday Folks Of Harlem. People Of East Harlem Have To Defeat The Bronx Machine That Is Heading One Candidate Or Maybe Two Candidates. Calvin Solomon Is Truly The A Son Of East Harlem As Is His Money. No Bronx Money Machine. It May Be That The Black Vote And A Large Segment Of The Latino Community Still In Nycha Apartments Will Support Solomon. He Has Been Involved With All The Nycha Tenant Associations In The Election District. He Is The Peoples Man And He Will Win If The Females Running Split The Caucasian And Hispanic Female Vote The Other Male Running Gets The Majority Of The Hispanic Male Vote And Solomon Get Votes From Each Group Especially The Majority Of The Black Vote, He Will Win The Primary.

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