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Vinny's Pet Store

Hi Jose!

Vinny's pet store was on 116th street. Vinny was a big party person. He had a few kids from the neighborhood work in the pet shop. Before relocating to 116th St. the pet store was located around 123 St and 2nd Ave. I left Harlem in 1974 and that was the last I saw of Vinny. A few years later I was told someone shot him when he was entering the City Bank on the corner. I was in NYC last year I think the pet store is closed now. Vinny was very well known in the neighborhood.

Do you remember in those days a lot of the guys use to fly pigeons on the roof tops. I have a cousin in Brooklyn that has been breeding pigeons for many years. It's a good pass time I gues for those that don't want to get into the internet?

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