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Talking St. Cecilia's Grade School

For those of you who did not know it, I attended St. Cecilia's Grammar School from 1st to 8th grade. For those of you who only attended public schools, Catholic school go from 1st to 8th grade. In the Catholic school system, you enter high school in the 9th grade. St. Cecilia's was no different.

The school is no longer open. It closed. But the building is still there on East 106th Street between Third and Second Avenues, right across from Franklin Plaza.

I can remember all of my teachers,
Sr. Mary Deborah - 1st Grade

Mrs. Marciano - 1st Grade (got left back) Mr.s Marciano died during our school year. I can still remember two things about her. Her screaming "NO!!!" and hitting the desk when it was announced over the P.A. system that President Kennedy had been shot and assassinated. And her rushing up the lunchroom stairs with her hand over her heart as she was having her fatal heart attack. Yes it took us quite a while to get over it.

Mrs. Vasquez - 2nd grade

Sr. Deborah - 3rd grade

Bro. Quinn - 4th grade

Ms. Acosta - 5th grade- she allowed us to watch tv coverage of Sen. Robert Kennedy's state of health while he lay dying.

Mr. Nurse -6th grade

Bro. Gontcharuk - 7th grade

Bro. Schnabel - 8th grade

Best Experience while there: making life long friends - Ramon Ramos, Dio Ramos, Walter Guzman & Keven Nunn.
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