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You are quite right

It not only takes a while for a new board to grow,
but people must also tell those who they wish to be on the
board about the board. Since I don't have the money to advertise
community-wide, word of mouth is one of the only ways to let
community people know about the site.

Even if I were to advertise community, there is no guarantee that any
particular person would choose to register at this board. Its up to
them. But given time, more and more people will register and be part of
the forum. After a certain critical mass amount of people, it will be more
than likely that someone that you know will be on the board.

So why no make some new friends till your other friends show up?
If you can't be with the one you love, love the one your with.
But thanks for the thread anyway. No question is un welcomed here.
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