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Re: Raices Exhibition

Hey Ana!

The precious articles that make up the RAICES latin music collection is a combination of Louis Bauzo, Ramon Rodriguez & Joe Conzo's personal collection of photos, records, magazines, records, etc. which they donated to the collection as founders, as well as the donation of photos, records, documents, recordings, etc. donated by musicians, promoters, collectors, music lovers, and so forth.

Prior to the RAICES Exhibit opening last October, I was lucky enough to be shown a chunk of the collection by Nina Olson, director of publicity relations, and each "artifact" had a person's name for whom it was donated by or credit was given to the person responsible for any photo taken that appears.

They have an extensive record collection which was donatd y a gentleman who's first name was Bill (I can't recall his last name). Prior to his passing his last wishes were that his record collection be donated to the RAICES Collection.

Individuals in the music industry such as Sonny Bravo, Jose Madera Jr., Max Salazar, Rene Lopez, Larry Harlow, Joe Quijano and the late Tito Puente among others donated many photos, articles of clothing (like the Tipica'73 rhumba shirts from their 1979 recording INTERCAMBIO CULTURAL), Posters, Instruments, etc.

There were also several pieces on display that were donated especially for the Exhibit at the Museum Of NY that were appearing for the first time along with the RAICES Collection such as te suits worn by Tito Rodriguez * Puente, both of which were donated by the restaurateur Jimmy Santiago of Jimmy's Bronx Cafe where the suits were usually on display at. Also a dress worn by The Queen, Celiz Cruz was donated by the Smithsonian Musuem appears in a display case as part of the collection. Im'assuming these particualr articles will either be returned once the exhibit closes or perhaps may remain as part of the RAICES Collection depending on the owners of said material.

With regards to the authenticity of RAICES Collection, a professional appraiser's opinion may not have been such a high priority since most of the articles were donated by the individuals present at the dawn of this music, many of whom are still around, alive and kicking (albeit cojito, pero nevertheless ;-]). Graciela, Patato, Mario Grillo and others donated personal items or items that they received via others such as the conga used by Miguelito Valdes or Tito Puente's early timbalitos....

Take Care Ana,

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Originally posted by Ana
I read a brief article in the New York Times about this exhibition and was wondering how RAICES went about the process of acquisition of these artifacts and who was the professional contracted to have these artifacts appraised for their authenticity? If anyone knows, please email me with that information. Thanks.
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