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Well, you are entitled to identify with whatever group you like. If it feels right to you-- great! Like the song says, 'don't worry, be happy'.

I like to identify with my European roots. I trace my family back to the Canary Island, and some back to Africa. So I guess I'm both. What I am not is Taino. When they do genetic testing on Taino genes, bet none of us Puerto Ricans have any of their genes. It would be nice, but not probable. As they all died off due to sickness and my ancestor's terrible behavior.

But mostly I wrap my soul around my New York East Harlem culture. Which I guess is why I thought it such a good idea to create the East web site. I love the dynamics and the people of my community. And of all the people, the activists are the most fasinating to watch. They all have passion and give generously of thier time.

It's good to know such people, even those who don't like me much. I see them all as characters in my life's play. Sorry to be so existential. But really they don't exist outside of me. Opppps sorry again.

Still after all is said and done, I don't believe it fair to expect 15th Century people to have our values. So I don't condem them.
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