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How can you argue with history? Only in recent history have people begun to call themselves anything other than what they are. I speak Spanish, our Puerto Rican culture is steeped in Spanish culture, customs, names etc. I am not one who changes labels due to political correctness. For instance this new thing of calling ourselves Afro-Latino. Pleeeeeese!!. African American culture is one thing and "Spanish" culture is another. There was no such thing as Afro-Latino for most of my 40+ years and now all of a sudden I am suppose to identify myself differently and with a different culture. Too late for this dog to change his stipes.

I do not see calling East Harlem/El Barrio/Spanish Harlem as having anything to do with a white European reference. Who said that is true? One person in Spain? Who made that person God? Since my culture is Spanish as oppose to Irish or anything else and since most of the people living in East Harlem are of Spanish decent, I see no reason to call East Harlem or El Barrio anything other than Spanish Harlem.

You must be one of those who hates Europeans as is typical in school teaching these days. You know, Columbus was evil, blah blah blah. I have never seen how people can expect 15th Century men to have 21st Century morals. They could not be anything but what their frame of reference made them. I am proud of my European roots. Hey, its part of the genetics and culture of who I am. Political correctness can kiss.

Lastly we can call ourselves anything we want. Who are you to call us ignorant? Also, there are only 5 real races on this planet. Like you say, the rest is really culture. So I belong to the Spanish Culture.
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