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Spanish Harlem Not Right?

I recently received an e-mail from someone who argues the following:

I am not from east harlem , but what i think of this so called spanish harlem or african harlem , that it is a ignorent towards race . In the first place it shouldn't be called "spanish harlem " , because you are actually referring to the White Europeans from Spain. Thats were the word " Spanish" comes from.

I ve been to Europe and I've asked Spaniards of what do they think of this so called hispanic community or Spanish Harlem. This is what one white Spaniard said to me " we pure white spanish men feel that you people make us look bad , that it is a disgrace towards the word spanish, we don't like you people who use the word spanish to discribe your self and yet they are not even white Europeans . '' " they should use their own countries name not our name ''

Now I had a translator to quote this for me and what this man said is true, the spanish men are part of the European union, you should n't use that term to discribe you'r selfs. And as for race , with in the hispanic community their is a mixture of races and their are few who are pure whites and blacks and the rest is mestizo and mullato race . So their is a big difference between race and ethnicity. the way the USA categories the races
is stupid and general, which makes a confusion.

What do you think? My reply below.
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