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Talking Good, Good food

Kristina Elena,
First of all, you have a rather lovely name.

Back to the food, we have also gone to BBQs. We went once last year.
It was nice, but a little too out of the way to go there regularly.

You are right about finding good (healthy) food. The only places I know
of are located in the heart of Central Harlem. Right next to where I
work (Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone) is a juice bar. And
they have a juice for every medical condition known to man. Its
healthy drinking, but taste like yukkk! (well for a sweetened tongue like mine).

And than there are lovely carribean eateries, where healthy food is served.
But my lunch buddies and I usually go to Manna's, which is a pay by the wait
type of place. There are plenty of salads, pork, etc.. I mix my plate with
rice and salad, and one piece of meat if I am in the mood.

I can tell you that the "zone" would love to assist anyone with creating
a real and good place to eat in El Barrio. There is an awareness that East
Harlem (unlike Washington Heights) does not have enough good places
to eat. If you know of anyone, please forward them to me, so that I may
forward them to the appropriate person at the zone.

There is one place coming up I believe, it's Edwin's Cafe on East 111th Street.
Other's I can't talk about as they have not been approved. But my prayer is
that hopefully soon East Harlemites will have more choices in terms of places
to eat. I can't wait.
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