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East Harlem, late 1800s

Hi all,
I am an amateur genealogist and have been researching my "family tree" for about three years now. I am interested in locating any books (or websites) on the history of East Harlem. The years on which I would like to focus (the years my ancestors lived there) are from the 1880s and up to about 1925/1930. I believe this was before the neighborhood became predominantly hispanic. By 1930 many of my family had moved to the Bronx. My ancestors emigrated to NYC from St. Croix when the Virgin Islands were still owned by Denmark - they were descended from Danes and "free mulattos" (as tehy were called in the islands). I have copies of Geraldo Guirty's books, 'Sixtonian: Vignettes 'Bout Amalia,' and 'Harlem's Danish-American West Indians' but there is an emphasis on Virgin Islands politics and West Harlem - so any other suggestions on books are greatly welcome!

My gr-gr-grandparents and their relatives lived at several addresses in East Harlem. Here are the ones I have found in written records, starting from 1900 up until 1920: 202 E. 98th; 1855 Third; 1795 Third; 1805 Third; 2372 Second; 1755 Third; 341 E. 122nd; 1866 Third; 303 E. 122nd; 334 E. 123rd; and 404 E. 123rd. Are any of these addresses still there or recognizable at all?
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