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Even with the bad press Adam Powell won the 2004 Assembly Race

Even with the bad press Adam Powell recieved this year he won the assembly race. The tally as most might know Powell 52%, Baca 13% and Ruiz 35%. The truth will set anybody free and lies will bring you down. What does Ruiz think when he throws lies out there that he is going to win the assembly seat? He needs to go and find a fire and dial 911 to put it out because he isn't even qualified to that. Ruiz give up politics because it's just a waste of time, engery and money to think that you will ever hold a seat here in East Harlem. God save us if that ever happens which it won't! Evette Zayas said it best in an article written in the daily news " John Ruiz doesn't care about the presumption of innocence" during a rally held in front of the assembly district office.
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