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This observation concerns ONLY el Museo del Barrio: MI GENTE, where were YOU when it is time to raise money to convince the city el Museo deserves a BIGGER building? Are you at least MEMBERS of el MUseo? The founders of el Museo had shows on MEXICAN masks--so what's wrong with THAT? The next big show, I heard is TUFINO. I hope you go see it and stop whining about "south american museum".

The Museum of African Art is moving FROM SoHO to Museum Mile. They are BUILDING their own building from scratch with their own $$$$$! IN the meantime el Museo is currently housed on a multi-tenant building, where Boys Harbor holds the lease. There is not enoucg space for all the possible shows that could be presented; simply put you need $$$$. Look at Taller Boricua, the community gallery. They are showing non-latino artists from OUTSIDE el Barrio otherwise they cannot survive. But I do not see anybody complaining about them, or holding "we are watching you" stupid campaigns.

This Ay Bendito non-sense has got to stop. The statue of Duke Ellington went up because the African Americans got organized, raised $$$$ and so if you want a statue of Tito Puente anywhere roll up your sleeves and GET to work in: finding the spot, raising money, etc. Dont wait for things to happen. It is SAD that instead of doing constructive things and reaching out to other sister organizations (like el Museo) all people seem to do is COMPLIAN tear them apart and belittle the hard work that elk Museo staff does day in and day out. Ay Bendito.
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