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Sure Diana,
I am ambivelant about the School because of its corporate nature. So part of me doesn't trust it to put children first and the other part of me knows that it will a 'private' school will usually be better than the failed public schools. If I had to choose, I'd support the school. It's better to try something than to do nothing at all.

The museum is a different story. I believe in the different minorities cooperating with each other. But I see no such evidence of this happening in El Barrio. What I see is that when an African-American institution has the opportunity, it will always give African-Americans the edge in our community. That's putting it nicely.

My DISTRUST of the African-American leadership comes by virtue of their dominance in East Harlem Politics. The community board is 'stacked' with African-American members and committee chairs even though El Barrio is 52% Hispanic and only 38% African American. The board is the opposite, 33% Hispanic and 50% African-American. The Boro Pres. and Councilmember who happen to be African-American make the board appoitment. Is this a coincidence? Some African-American institutions in East Harlem continue to call East Harlem just Harlem! I find this to be very disrespectful. Lastly, they put up a statue of Duke Ellington on 5th Ave. That statue should be somewhere DEEP in Harlem. Tito Puente's statue should be there instead. Ellington's statue should be moved north. If I could move it myself I would be glad to do it. I like Duke Ellington, but I find East Harlem should be emphasizing it Latin side, not an Afro-centric side. This Afro-Latino thing has got to stop. We are good enough alone, we don't need to append our heritage with anyone elses. Why isn't it Latino-Afro?

I am not prejudice, I believe we are good enough in our own right. Because of all of the above, the museum be moved north to 125th St or above.
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