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Exclamation Important Meeting

Hello Jose and fellow forum members,

Over the weekend I was handed a flyer regarding C.V. Fields (Boro Pres.)town hall meeting that will be held on Wed. 8/1 from 6 - 8 pm at Mt. Sinai Hosp. (1425 Mad. Ave. - 98th St.). Meeting is regarding the Edison Schools proposal to build a school (k-5) and its headquarters at 110th st and 5th Ave. The school will also house a museum. It proposes an estimated 125 million investment in El Barrio, jobs, and more money for local businesses.

Has anyone heard about this. Some people I've spoken to haven't and others have told me that there is opposition mounting because it's wanted elsewhere, specifically in central harlem (I couldn't understand that one...)

The flyer states that there is support from Community Board # 11 for it as well as others.

I believe that all East Harlem residents need to attend and find out what is being proposed. If it benefits us then we should support that it stays here in East Harlem. Due to the empowerment zone funds it looks like 125th st. and surrounding areas are reaping much benefits from it. However, I don't see the same for East Harlem. IT'S TIME.... I think we need to have a say in what happens here in our community and not let others decide for us. THE TIME HAS COME FOR EL BARRIO TO RISE AGAIN. (of course, these are my opinions...)

Does anyone have an opinion on this????
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