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hello everyone. i am so glad that i came across this site because it brings me so close to a place that will always have a special space in my heart no matter where i am. i went to ps 80 also and i also hated the butter and jelly sandwhiches and the pea soup bean soups and the only thing i would eat was the fruit and the little ice cream in the wrapped paper squares. we would have food fights and there were a group of "monitors" that would watch for the people that would start the fights they were called AAA monitors or something like that. they wore a white belt with a monitor badge. we use to slide down the stairs by sitting on the banisters and putting our hand inside the upper edge of the ceiling. i remember ms mathews, mr lomax, mr mitchell, i was always in trouble and in assembly he would snap his fingers and a say ok you come here get closer closer since he was very tall compared to us at that time he would say where did he go while we were standing right next him. i also went to 45. the cafeteria was run by who we called the italian general ms. lu. she was tough. i later went to franklin and dropped out. got my ged 6 months ahead of my graduating class and ultimately went to law school graduated and moved from el barrio. i treasure my youth and have been asked would i change anything given the chance to do so and i always say NO. although it was hard on me and my family we made it out and individually succeeded in our own ways. do any of you guys remember the first black out? i was at home watching dark shadows. when the lights went out. boy i can go on for ever about my barrio. thanks again for this forum i'll be around.
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