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Important Meeting

I understand the skepticism about Edison, however, my understanding is that the new school will be a Charter School and not private. El Barrio has 3 or 4 of them already. (a pretty well kept secret). Boys Harbor I understand has 2 of them and they service predominantly African american students from what I've been told.

We all know the public education system has been dysfunctional for many, many years and it has failed OUR children, meaning Latinos. We, unfortunately, have the highest dropout rate in the system. I believe in giving parents choices as to what would be best for their children particulary in this district. The history of this district in the early 70's should not be forgotten. We were NUMBER ONE nationally. We were the model district. It has changed due I presume to many factors, including leadership.

I want to see it No. One again. As a life long resident of El Barrio I'm all for progress but not at the expense of my people. However, it this new school offers opportunities that cannot be had in a regular public school...then I welcome it.

As for the museum, I read somewhere that it was inclusive of the Diaspora (all cultures that have been influenced by Africa). I am very Boricua but also understand that we do have African influence in our culture. I would like the museum to clarify this...I'd like to know if it will be all African or it will include the Caribbean as well.

El Museo would have been a good choice if it was El Museo of old. It has changed quite a lot and I'm not sure anymore who they represent or what they stand for.

I will close by saying this much....It's time for El Barrio to times I have seen an attitude of complacency or the Ay Bendito and we have allowed others to take control. There are still many Boricuas that live here and we need to come forth and say BASTA YA. We most certainly deserve respect and we have paid our dues. We were the first Latinos to come to El Barrio and have opened doors for parents' generation were the pioneers...I respect and owe them for that and I refuse to let others forget the struggle and the experiences.

DESPIERTA BORICUA...DEFIENDE LO TUYO...or you'll be left out in the cold.
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