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Diana--people will start talking about "us"!!!--LOL!!!!

(You wrote: Thanks so much for sharing your journey into our wonderful music. It brought back many memories. What a line-up? I too was a WWRL listener and also listened to WMCA [good guys].)


You and I must've lived in "parallel universes"--LOL!!! You mentioned another great memory of the 60s, WMCA!!!!

The "Good Guys" (bet you don't rmember!): Joe O'Brien, "Dandy" Dan Daniel, Jack Spector, B. Mitchell Reid, Harry Harrison, Gary Stevens, Ed Baer, Dean Anthony, and a few others!

(You wrote: You can't beat the music of that time [AND I DON'T CARE WHAT ANYONE SAYs!!!] I saw many a concert in Central Park also....Palmieri, Ismael Rivera. CLASSIC !!!!)

Diana--no question about it!!! Over those years, I saw some great Central Park concerts: Ray Barretto, Willie Bobo, Mongo Santamaria; Curtis Mayfield, Nancy Wilson, and Mandrill; Barretto (again) and Willie Colon--so many shows that I can't fully remember!

(You wrote: Do you remember Joe Quijano,? He played many a block party in El Barrio.)

I remember the name but precious little about his music. Didn't he have a hit around '67-'68 called "Nosotros?" If I remember correctly, Quijano played bongos. Help me out with some other Quijano titles!!!

(You wrote: God, I long for those days...the music, the concerts...Okay, I'm getting sentimental...and feeling OLD. Until next time...Take Care and keep on keeping on!!! QUE VIVA LA MUSICA.)

You're not the only one longing for those days! For instance, it was the era when soneros SANG!!! I REALLY can't stand the emphasis in today's Salsa on the lead singer. Band doesn't get enough of a chance to "get off!" Back in our day, you mentioned the band and the singer in the same breath--one "needed" the other. For instance--

Ray Barretto/Adalberto Santiago
Ricardo Ray/Bobby Cruz
Orquesta (Larry) Harlow/Ismael Miranda
Rafael Cortijo/Ismael Rivera
Eddie Palmieri/Ismael Quintana
Johnny Pacheco/Pete "El Conde" Rodriguez (y Celia, too!)
Tito Puente/Santos Colon (and don't forget La Lupe!)
Joe Cuba/Jimmy Sabater (also Willie Torres, Cheo)
and--my favorite pairing of 60s/early 70s Salsa--


Now, THAT was music!!!!

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