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I just had to answer this one. You say you don't see the point to dancing. What do you get out of playing drums? It's probably the same "thing" dancers get out of dancing. It's good for the soul, for the spirit, makes one happy.

Tito Puente did not play drums but he played timbales, vibes, piano, etc.

Latin music (or Salsa) has instruments that are essential to its groove. Percussion instruments; congas, bongo, campana, timbales, give it the rhythm. Makes it swing. It's not an easy feat for these percussionists to keep time and the flow not only for the rest of the musicians but for the dancers also.

Drums have been infused into Latin but there is usually a conga around somewhere. Cuban music has done it. Irakere (more jazzy) Los Van Van but you always have the percussion.

In my opinion a guaguanco, chacha or rumba to trap drums...would NEVER sound the same or give it the same groove, flow or feel.

I liked the Beatles, but Jose...Ringo Starr?

so, I ask you again...What do YOU get out of playing drums????

Interested in seeing your reply.
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