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East Harlem Music/TNT Band

The TNT Band (Tito Ramos & Tony Rojas) were one of the "Boogaloo/Latin Soul"-era bands that recorded on Cotique Records from about 1968-1970.

Some of their biggest hits were: "Mr. Slick," "Borinquen Bella," Sabre Olvidar," and, perhaps their most popular, "The Meditation."

"The Meditation" could've been considered an earlier form of "sampling"--LOL!!!!! It borrowed, kinda liberally, from two of the biggest "Soul Music" hits of the day, Archie Bell & The Drells' "Tighten Up" and James Brown's "Cold Sweat." The latter had the "give the drummer some" solo lifted by the TNT Band's timbale player during the "Drum Call."

I think the young lady who believed that "Boogaloo Blues" was recorded by them may have gotten mixed up, as Tito Ramos (I believe) was the lead singer on that Johnny Colon track, as he also sang lead on "Judy, Part 2" from that same album ("Boogaloo Blues."

This was my favorite era of Salsa Music (1967-1975), and I'd be glad to talk to anyone about it on this board!!!!

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