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Question Eugene Calderon

Anyone know where I can reach Eugene Calderon?

Gene is an old timer, a real old timer and used to play stick ball every weekend dispite his age. Man He must be in his eighties now.

You guys talk about history and living gems! Eugene is a wealth of Puerto Ricans in New York history. He was the first of many things. First Puerto Rican Detective, first Puerto Rican school district superintendent, first PR? I dont think it was deputy Mayor cuase that honor goes to Badillo, butGene was the first something in City Governement.

When I worked with him at PRACA I wanted to write his biography but he was to modest and said there was nothing interesting about his life to fill a book. I begged to differ.

He would tell me about how it was in the old days when he was a beat cop in El Barrio. He worked with the gangs back then. He would tell me about the first social service agancies for us boricua's, they were called social clubs. And every campo, pueblo, or municipio had one. He told me about the first Puerto Rican day parade which was in El Barrio and a whole bunch of other first.

If anyone see's Gene will you tell him that Gil Cintron says hey, and maybe post a way for me to contact him here.

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