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Angry protect our children

Dear Members of the Community:

I would like to bring to your attention a serious problem that has been going on for months now, and nobody is doing a thing about it. On 109 th Street, between Lex & 3rd, every Monday and Friday there is a needle exchange program. Although I agree that there is a need for such a program, I certainly disagree with the location: half block from a school, less than that from playgrounds.

I brought this to the attention of the N.Y. State Department of Health Harm Reduction Unit. I spoke to Ms. Maxine Phillips, who does not seem to care that children pass by bio-hazard material twice a week. When the program leaves, addicts come back and shoot up -- I witnessed it .

I really think that this needle exchange is not helping the community, but is every day creating a grave danger to kids who go to school nearby. I have a bucket of dirty needles that we have been picking up off the pavement.

When I asked why the program could not move to 110 th instead, the answer was that it isn't possible because there is a meth clinic there!!! So in other words, it is OK to exchange needles (creating the risk of more discarded needles) feet away from children, but it is not acceptable to do that next to a rehab clinic.

I hope to have a positive response and full support from the community in which I have been living for 4 years now. My goal is not to shut down A.D.A.P.T (the program that is doing the needle exchange), but only to protect the children of our community.

I ask anyone that cares to call Miss Phillips at 212-268-6987, and tell her that you, too, are not happy with the risk that such a program represents to the kids of our community.

So far we have been extremly lucky, and I pray everyday that no one will get hurt; but it is bound to happen. If no one cares and takes action, then one day someone will get pricked by one of those dirty needles, and then what?

I have witnessed a drug addict passed out on the sidewalk feet away from A.D.A.P.T AND THEY DID NOT LIFT A FINGER!!! I have pictures to prove this and hope to be able to attend the next board meeting, and to share thoughts with my fellow community members. Thank you, and I hope to have feedback from the community.

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