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(Diana wrote: Anyhow, glad to hear that other folks like the same music I did and still do. [ I prefer it to today's music]. I remember when Willie Colon rehearsed at our CYO [in St. Cecilia's]. The song he played was Jazzy. Remember that album? Do you remember Our Lady Queen of Angels dances? and the great bands that played there...Palmieri, Barreto, etc. or the Jazzmobile?)

Hey, Diana!:

I, too, still play the Salsa of that day--A LOT!!!

The first album--of any genre (soul, pop, Latin, etc)--I ever purchased with my own money was Willie Colon's "El Malo," which led off with "Jazzy." I loved that album, and to this day I still play it on CD. I don't think the album/CD had a weak cut. Besides the aforementioned cut and the title tune, there was "Willie Baby," "Borinquen," "Willie Whopper," "Skinny Papa," "Chonqui," and "Quimbombo."

Now I have a little confession to the time I began listening to Latin Music, I was 12! (1967--so yeah Jose, I'm the same age as you, bro--LOL!!!) Every night I used to listen to Dick "Ricardo" Sugar's show on WHBI-FM (105.9) and used to call in to make requests and dedications! So I used to be envious of people such as yourself who could go to the Bronx Music Palace, the La Calesa Club/"The Psycho Room," and the "3 & 1 Club." I was FAR too young to get into those places--LOL!!! I also used ot have an earphone to my transistor for Symphony Sid's show on WEVD-AM (1330) and WEVD-FM (97.9) (show was on simultaneously both stations)

So I had to get my Salsa where I could. The very first time I experienced it live was during the Summer of 1968, when Tony Lawrence and the City of New York (with help from actor Robert Hooks) put on the weekly "Harlem Cultural Festival" in Mt. Morris (now Marcus Garvey) Park. One week, the festival had Ray Barretto, Eddie Palmieri, and Tito Puente. I had to beg my older sister to take me (she was 18 at the time), 'cause moms wouldn't let me trek down there by myself.

One day soon Iíll post details about that show (I remember it vividly!)

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