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Hi Jose

I remember very well what lunch was like in PS80. It was horrible. I hated pea soup. Once I poured the pea soup into the milk container. They were always trying to make us eat all our lunch. I remember having to get on a line to throw away our lunch. The cafeteria workers would check our trays. If you didn't finish your lunch they would send you back to finish it. I was known for never finishing my lunch and guess what happened? I guess I finished my lunch too soon and when I got on line to throw away my lunch tray, they stopped me and found the container with the pea soup in it so they gave me another bowl of soup. Lunch was the worst in elementary school.

During my junior high school days, guess who was waiting for me at lunch time? My mom. I wasn't allowed to have lunch in school even though lunch was free in those days. Since I lived just 2 blocks from the school and she wanted to keep an eye on me I had to go home for lunch.
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