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Turn Of Events

A Meeting Is Being Held To Combine All The East Harlem Arts Festivals Together....why? Both Were The Brainchild Of One Individual Who Is Being Asked To Be At This Meeting....God Is Good...

History Has It That On 2004 The Idea Of The Community Board Sponsored Arts Festival Developed By The Chairperson Of The Arts And Cultural Landmarking Committee To Held On 8/04 Was In Full Motion....when The Idea Spread Another Individual Sponsored An Arts Festival Two Months Prior And Had The Nerve To Call It # 1 Arts Festival Of East Harlem Of 6/04. The Fact Is That When In 2006 The Chairperson Of The Arts And Cultural Committee Was Removed Capriously, The #1 Arts Festival Asked This Individual To Help With It June Arts Festival. However It Soon Became Clear That All They Wanted Was To Use The Name Of The Individual Not The VISIONS NOR THE Skills ThIS Individual Bought To The Table.

Hence Neither Arts Festival Has Reached The Promise That The Pirates Nor The Public Wanted Or Expected. This Time The Name Of The Individual Will Cost Them To Recognize The True Organizer With Honors OR NEITHER Festival Will EVER Reach The Magnitude Of The Vision Set By The Original Developer.

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