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Is East Harlem "dying"

Just a general question I guess.

I was out of NYC from 8/2005-1/2008, and have noticed some very subtle yet distinct changes as I walk around now. Some call it regentrification, I call it "losing flavor." Seems like the neighborhood may be changing, and very rapidly. Not better/not worse, just changing. Real estate agents on 97th advertising 116th street as a "hip" place to live - and seeing rents being asked of $2000 for a 1 bedroom in the 110's.....Old bodegas closing, and being replaced by $10 "Health" burger takeout joints. Also seems like many people are apathetic to these changes, as the rug is being pulled out from under their feet.

Is, as de la vega so succinctly painted it on 103rd street a few years back, the Rose dying? And don't give me that nonsense, "NO IT IS NOT, IT IS CHANGING!" I have heard that enough. Now, grant it, I am not a botanist, but I know that a rose either lives and grows or dies. It does not change into a lilac, or a tulip. Neither does it change into a different genus a horse, a frog or a pigeon. "A rose is a rose, and even when called by any other name is still a rose"

I think people had better wake up from their stupor very quickly, or wee will end up seeing the day when East Harlem is another Disney (Times Square), or a Museum of what a New York Neighborhood Once WAS!!!

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