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Finally had a chance to reply. You brought back many memories. I too listened to Dick Ricardo Sugar, Symphony Sid and later Joe Gaines. I also had a small transitor radio that was practically attached to my ear.

Funny, I knew all the names of the clubs and who was playing where, but couldn't go to many of them. I did go to Hipocampo, Corso, Casa Blanca, the Red Parrot and a couple of others that I've forgotten. With my parents I went to Brodway Casino, Riverside Plaza, Caborojeno, Happy Hills Casino. That was when St. Cecilia's would throw their dances at these clubs. Boy, were they great. The Brothers and priests would take off their white collars and let loose.

In the late 70's early 80's I frequented Ochentas, Christopher's (on 106th St. now called the Old Timers Lounge) My Desire (on 124th and 3rd).

Anyway, Charles...glad to hear that you like the same music. I'm constantly replacing my albums with CD's...cause I loved that music then and still do now.

By the way, this is for all members....on Sat. August 11th there's an outdoor concert at Columbia University at the Quad featuring the music of the Palladium Big Three (Puente, Machito, Rodriguez). It's from 4pm to 9 pm and its FREE.

Also, on Aug. 25th Lincoln Center Outdoors is having a day of wonderful music and at 8pm there will be a tribute to Tito Puent.

For me the above two are a MUST!!!!!

Hasta Luego.
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