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Harbor JHS 20th Year Reunion

Hi Guys, just wanted you to know that I'm trying to organize a Harbor JHS 20th Year Reunion for 2002. For those of you that attended Harbor JHS for the Performing Arts on 109th Street around 1980 thru 1982, please contact me at <>. Mr. Bill Colavito was the Director back then and Leslie Moore the Asst Director. Ive managed to contact a few students from that era and how wonderful it was to remember the good 'ol days. We really had a blast at Harbor. It was a small school and we were truly like family, students and teachers alike. The teachers were great, namely Mr. Schoenfeld, Mr. Batton, Mr. Roth, Joyce Duncan and many others. I'm also having a hard time locating Migdalia Torres, she lived on 105th Street on First and also attended PS 146 and later Norman Thomas. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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