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It has been a while!


It has been a couple of years (6/01) since I visited your website. I first came across your site when I was exploring a possible relocation to NYC. I was reminded to come back and check out your progress as a result of a nice little Birthday greeting that your website generated based on the information I provided on my profile. I turned 31 today. Thanks for the message as I think it is a great little touch! It reminds me of an ancient Indian (as is India) story that was once told to me. The story goes that their was this young man who basically traveled the world with no real purpose. Having been an orphan, this young man knew nothing about his family or even an idea as to when he had actually been born. As a result of this he always made a point of asking the people he met, when there birthday was. With that information, he would make certain to always send his newly formed friends a birthday card on their birthday. It was a way for him to honor and cherish their birth and maybe bring some meaning to his life!

Okay, enough about my story. So, since that last communication with you several years ago, I have moved from Philadelphia, to DC, to NYC (East 91st b/w 1&2), San Diego and currently in DC again. All this time, I have held on to my apartment in NYC because the location is great and the price has been decent! Anyway, during this time, I have been running my own sports/entertainment company (ESTRELLA Management International) where I focus on representation of Latino Talent. It too, has been a labor of love for me. While the Latino Talent out there has been remarkable, financing this venture has not been easy. Competing against bigger, better financed companies has been a challenge. Hey, nobody every said it would be easy! HA HA HA I have had to supplement my sports/entertainment pursuits by doing contract work at law firms (I have my law degree, which has been a saviour).

Anyway, I just wanted to touch base with you again as I would love nothing more than to finally meet you face-to-face. I value and appreciate what you have been doing with your website for so many years. Although I am not native to East Harlem (actually born in Mt. Sinai Manhattan and then lived in Queens until I was 5), I think East Harlem has never received the attention that maybe the rest of Harlem has despite being a haven to so many Latinos and other immigrants! As I mentioned, I have been spending most of my recent months down in DC, but I have been getting back up to my place on E. 91st as much as possible. I don't expect to be able to afford keeping that place for much longer, at least not while living outside of NYC, so hopefully you will have some time in the coming weeks to meet.

Once again, thank you for the great service you provide here and best of luck with your endevours.

Harold Yamil Mendez
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