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C. Virginia Fields/Reed Still Oppressing Puerto Ricans in East Harlem

Time to take off the gloves! It's now been over three years since Hispanics in a Hispanic district have had control over their community board. Why are we allowing this to take place?

When will C. Virginia Fields and Councilperson Reed be held responsible for oppressing the Puerto Rican community but ensuring that African-Americans hold 27 odd appointments to Community Board # 11 while appointing only 17 Hispanics to the same board? Brothers and Sisters, this is NOT an oversight, its done on purpose to keep David Givens in power so that he can continue to do the work of the Harlem politicians (including Reed).

After all the work that "The Women of El Barrio" did, all they got was one of them appointed to the board. Sorry Ms. Sanchez, you got robbed in that transaction. Ask for more...

The new District Manager again came from C. Virginia Fields' Office, and not from among the locals. We have had highly qualified individuals apply from within the community, but Mr. Givens and his political tampering have prevented those individuals from being District Manager. You would think that no one from East Harlem was qualified, but that is not true. Mr. Givens, what goes around, comes around....

Wake Up Mi Pueblo! How can we celebrate the Puerto Rican Day Parade, when we are oppressed in our own community. And how can we allow Mr. Reed and Ms. Fields to walk in our parade all the while stabbing us in the back at home?

If you can destroy a thing, you can control a thing.
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