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I know this website will grow and grow.

I just met someone from the Wagner Projects on this site. Found out he knew all my old friends from the projects. He now lives in California with his wife. We have been emailing each other. He has a brother that lives in Jersey and knows the whereabouts of old friends I have been inquiring about. I plan to spread the word out about this web site. I would love to have all my friends in East Harlem be part of this web site also. And if East-Harlem.Com ever has a Get Together I want to be the first to be a part of this great big family of latinos.

Wherever happend to the girl that was talking about she could make T-shirts for this web site? I hope she's serious. Or I'm going to have to paint my own T-shirt.

What logo would you like, jose? I would love to make a sample.
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