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House Party

I remember those house part's so ell. I hated them. Looking back to those years. Those were the stone age years. Today everything is so different and expensive. We now have Party stores to catere to all our party needs. And, the party's are no longer held in a small apartment. All the baby boomers got hipped and now rent a hall or hotel.

Remember the when a Puerto Rican in the neighborhood would have a party for one of their kids and the kids party winded up being more for the adults. The adults where the ones getting drunk from all the bear and rum they were serving. And the poor kids would only get a birthday cake. After the happy birthday singing was over they would put the kids to bed and continue partying like it was their birthday. You didn't see any clowns or games for the kids at the party only salsa music playing and the adults looking forward to meeting and dancing with the latinas at the party.

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