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generation x

obviously we are from different generations and prespective. however to say at this time an day that justice is justice and equally dispense, is to me a form of identifying with those elements in our society that feel that black, latinos, asians and all those people of color crying are just misfits because society is never at fault. the individual is at fault for his misfortune and he cannot never blame 500 years of slavery discrimination and oppression overtly and presently covertly for his demise. You would say look at Obama etc etc. he is running for president etc.

listen closely follow the sean bell case and how it is being moved away from Queens. Look at the assault on those poor in New Orleans whose housing projects are being destroy although they are not damaged. Look at East Harlem and how we are being squeezed out although we deny the pressure and feel we are safe.

generation X is disconnected, and are not historically connected to the past facts of racism and the evolutions of that institution into more sophisticated forms of exploitation and oppression. I always remember the joke of a proud puerto rican in south carolina riding in a car with 4 black college friends. the police stopped the car and said you niggars better get out the car. the puerto rican stays in the car. the police looks at him and says "you are one of those spanish speaking niggars" and proceeded to get him out the car....For that one moment that Puerto RIcan felt he could identify with something other than his blackness and he was we are all when we identify with the aggressor.

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