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Who made up this stuff about a "level playing field". First that will never happen as we all have better and lesser abilities. Maybe you can sing, but I can't, I can work well with computer, but maybe you don't. See what I mean. How does one even quantify "levelness"? Playing field politics is always about how to turn dissatisfaction into political protest. Martin Luther King never promised outcomes, just the chance to try. We have the right to seek happiness, but not guaranteed happiness.

And just how does leaning justice toward us minorities fair? What is says is that we are not "enough" to demand fair justice. It makes us appear weak. As if we need help. We will win some in the courts and loose some. Assault is assualt and I don't believe in "hate crimes". One should never punish thought, just the act. I can hate people all day long in my head, but as long as I don't act upon it, then I have committed no crime. Hate crimes punish motive, and the act. How about punisning those who would tax us to death, those who "hate" the middle class and wish to steal money to support that which I would not support myself. I'd rather give money to honest organizations and not the American left. Tag your it.
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