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Muevete Organizers Spin Off

On May 14th 2001, Angelines "Moncha" Mata, Lisette Nieves, Myrna
Noble, Luis Pagan, Rachel Rodriguez, Jeanette Rojas, as the core
committee of MUEVETE coordinators, and all committee members, took
the groundbreaking step of announcing that they were leaving the
Puerto Rican Association of Community Affairs (PRACA) to set-up
MUEVETE as it's own independent community based organization. These
seasoned volunteers wanted MUEVETE to be more than a project of
another organization. They wanted MUEVETE to be an organization, an
institution of it's own, where it could truly live up to it's mission
of being youth led and run.

Unfortunately, the organizers could not take the name MUEVETE with
them. In the coming months the organizers painstakingly researched,
organized, and built the foundation of a new organization that still
does not have a name. This new organization, in its infancy, is an
institution for la juventud Latina. It brings together all young
people of Latin descent to make positive changes in their community.
They teach young people vital community organizing skills, educate
them in history and current events that affect Latino communities,
and connect them to the larger context of young people of color
across the world. It is a network that connects young people to other
struggles and empowers them to become agents of change in their

Right now, the organizers are working out of a small room in the
South Bronx, with no equipment, and a small budget. They don't even
have a phone. But this does not discourage them. They are still
planning a Unity Conference to bring together all young people in
peace. They have a monthly organizing series where all young people
are welcome to learn the ins and outs of community organizing. They
are valiantly continuing in the struggle of their predecessors by
creating spaces for young Latinas and Latinos to make a difference in
their communities.

As for the annual MUEVETE Conference, the organizers are NO LONGER
ALLOWED to coordinate the event. PRACA has hired a staff person to
coordinate the conference, being held on November 3rd at City
College. The former organizers wish them the best of luck.

If you would like to contact the organizers please call Moncha at
(800) 598-6428 or email her at
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