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Hi Ana,
Windows XP comes with a program which is "suppose" to be able to grab photos off the camera. Under "Accessories" there is a Scanner and Camera wizard. Click on that and see if XP will at least see your camera. If it can, then it will grab the photo's off of your camera and probably put them in the My Pictures folder. If that is all you wish to do, then you are done (don't forget to delete the pictures from your camera to free up disk space on it).

If you wished to do more with the program that came with the camera, then you may wish to try installing the software (I know you probably did this already) then run the Program Compatability Wizard (its under Start/Help and Support. Look for the Wizard and then go through it. You can also right click on the icon for your program, goto Properties and then the compatibility tab. Choose from there. Let me know if it works. It doesn't always work. For instance, my Corel Draw Version 7, just does not work with XP. So I purchase Adobe PhotoShop Elements 2.0. I still miss Corel.
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