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Wink Looking For Old Friends

I grew up on 125th street, 1st Ave. in the Wagner Projects, 10 Paladino. I attended JHS45. When I graduated from John S Roberts in 1965, I went on to Dodge Voc. HS in the Bronx and lost contact with my friends from school and the neighborhood. I'm hoping to someday to hear from my old friends. Some last names I dont remember their last names. Funny, it's been so long, last names I cant remember but the faces will always be with me. Hope to hear from you guys

Yvonne Plaza
Diana Diaz
Albert (was working for UPS)
Blanco (old boyfriend)
Rudy Barrios
Jack (old friend from the neighborhood, dated his cousin)

I found this site through a friend and I hope more people sign up. I think this is great. Im looking forward to hearing from my old friends. I moved from the neighborhood 20 years ago. I presently live in Florida. So, you can imagine how much I miss Harlem.

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