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CB 11 Can't Agree on New District Manager

It seems that Board Chair David Givens is having trouble getting his pick for District Manager approved by board members.

David first upsets Cora Shelton by letting it be known that he felt that she did not run a good meeting during the previous general board meeting. Then he presents the board with only one nominee for district manager. As oppose to two or three.

Many board members questioned this and voted not to approve(yet)Mr. Given's nominee. (Yeah, yeah, I know, a committee picked him, ahuh.) The board did not bite and it's beginning to look like old David is loosing support among board members. Now why couldn't we have had the elections for chair now!

David, if you are reading this please respond by joining the forum. No terse e-mail from you.

About the position for DM, many qualified candidates seem to have been overlooked by this very political process. It is time the board take matters into their own hands. Here are some recommendations for Mr. Givens:

1. Re-open the process and give the committee a month to finish it's work.

2. Expand the selection committee to have at least 7 members (and not the same people who have ever done it during the last 2 years).

3. At the end of the process, have the committee recommend three candidates and have the board pick from among the three.

Since this is a political process, it may as well be an open political one.

Debbie Quinones for Chair in 2002!!
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