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Actually, Hitler can not be excused for what he did, mainly start a war and kill a lot of God's chosen people. But in Dr. Sims case there is not only doubt, but little proof that his intentions were to hurt and maim. He was trying to help these women and ultimately found a way to help all women.

And we should not hold those of a previous generation responsible for not knowing what we know. It is a bad trend. In less than 50 years from now all who had an abortion will be seen in a bad light. And although I don't agree with the practice of killing innocent human beings, I can be forgiving about it. I am not perfect and hope people will be forgiving of my mistakes.

The problem with some activist is that they act as if they having never done anything wrong. We all have and need to be a bit patient and forgiving with each other.

I do thank you for your thoughts as that is the purpose of this forum. It is great that we live in a country and time where we can each speak our mind and be civil about it.
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