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I have to strongly disagree. First the City of New Orleans and the State of LA are not the least corrupt government in the world. Remember, the mayor of New Orleans, got all the tourist in that hotel out and left his own citizens there for another day to rot. So much for the Democratic response.

In most state, the state is primarily responsible for the initial stages of an emergency. It is the state who does the initial assessment and then invites the federal government in.

I don't understand the media's insistence (except for the great fox news channel) that everyone be taken care of at once. It can not be done. I wish it could myself, but it takes time to reach people. Even former President Clinton can tell you that it takes time to reach everyone.

I rode through those three states on my way to New Orleans in 1985 (via bus) and it took the better part of a half a day. Imagine having to walk through every acre looking and asking if people need help.

That's is what I mean by it takes time. And if it is to be done right, it needs to be planned. So I am not saying don't take care of everyone, but that realistically, emotions aside, it takes time to get people in place and move them to where they can assist those in need, victims.

I don't buy the arguments of racism. A poll released today has most American's argreeing with me in that this is not racial issue. I can bet a million dollars that if the President of the US were a Democrat, the media would give him all the time in the world to get this done right.

Remember, this a America's biggest Natural Disaster, affecting three states. It is not reasonable to expect all victims to be taken care of within the first month let alone the first four days. It's is a shame that demonic, I mean the Democratic congress people started this "hatefull" tirade and hence atitude against the President instead of lending a hand as they would have in 1969 for Hurricane Camile. There was no Congressional howling against then President Nixon, all chipped in to help, not to critisize. It is so obvious to me, why are current Democrats so eager to try to exploit human misery for political motives? It is shamefull. I sure am glad that there is a God who will reconcile and breath justice into this issue some time in the future.

Lastly, how is it possible for the City of New Orleans and the State of Louisiana not to share the blame for not being prepared for this disaster? Could it be that they have no blame just because they are Democrats? Those Levees could have been made stronger during the Clinton Administration, but that did not happen. Is Clinton to blame? And doesn't the state of Louisina share blame for also not getting into New Orleans quicker? It can't be that if there is blame for anything that only Republicans are at fault.

You would have to then excuse duly elected city and state officials from blame when they are closer to the situation and bare more responsibility (for their citizens and area) than does the federal government. Any political science person will lay the blame on the city, state and federal government, not just on the feds. Since one party is not soely responsible for the area then all parties must share the blame if blame to be attributed. And I would only blame the city, state and federal gov't, Democrats and Republicans for the levee situation. The Hurrican is weather and can't be blamed as it is not an entity. The way Democratic Congressional people are howling you'd think they blame the President for the Hurricane too!

I would love to see how the New York Times, or CNN could have possibly done better than the President. They could not. With the media one has to remember that it is always easier to throw stones (writing criticism) than to actually do something (manage a huge natural disaster). The two activities don't compare.

Hope all is fine with you. Love ya. What do ya say.
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