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It means that sometimes it's necessary to threaten a things existence (protest rallys, etc, peacefull) as it currently is, to make change possible. The saying came from a quote in "Dune", a movie and quite popular sci-fi book. In Dune, the tactics used were not very peacefull.

In Dune, a spice which all beings in the Universe used to live longer, have esp, and navigate folded space, production was stopped by a band of the oppressed people, who had to mine the spice. The spice was found solely on their planet. Yet they did not live well. So an army of natives slowly but surely attached the harvesters of the spice until production was down to almost nothing. The whole universe had to pay attention to the natives. The leader of the natives then leveraged this into being emperor. The planet was a very tough place to live. And only the natives could move about in the way needed to do things. Hence, by almost destroying spice production they eventually controlled the mechanism of spice production.

Hope this answers your question. The quote does have applications in community activism. If an institution is unjust, putting light on it will usually help create changes needed. Thereby changing the institution. In a way, one has then destroyed what was and created what is.
If you can destroy a thing, you can control a thing.
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