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It should be stated that although all the cultures have lived in East Harlem at one time or another there was always space and place for those less fortunate and on fixed incomes. The Italians, Jews and Irish who apparently had an easier assimilation process accomodated their own less fortunate.

We have also worked hard and tried not to forget those who were just starting out and could not make ends meet. I am sure the Mexicans and Africans immigrants have a soft spot in their hearts for the less fortunate amongst them.

In the last couple of years their has been a coldness of attitude among many Puerto Ricans and African American in our community; favoring any type of development and gentrification without any concern for those that want to remain and cannot afford to live in East Harlem.

Maybe it just me. Hell why should we look out for our less fortunate. They had the same opportunities we had. Why should we be concerned with entitlements and benefits for those individuals?
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