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Johnny Colon

Johnny Colon is alive and well! He still lives in Spanish Harlem and still runs his music school.

He still performs in small clubs/bars, mostly "Frank Sinatra" type music...and I hear that he's super talented!

Johnny's also the President of UMF, United Musician's Front, an organization dedicated to exposing "payola", or radio stations that take money (a lot of it) under the table, from artists willing to pay an exhorbitant amount to have their music played over the radio. Usually, this music's lousy, i.e., Latin Pop music. Notice that you don't hear that good, "criollo" salsa music like Johnny Colon's?!
"Yo No Meto Miedo Pero Meto Mano" - Carlos A. "Rigo" Malcon (The late Ismael Rivera's 2nd timbalero still residing in Spanish Harlem since 1963).
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