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Hey Jose,

I'm only 2 yrs. older than you...but you write that all we had was 70"s disco...Jose, where have you been, my friend?

We had more than that...60's motown and latin music, as well as rock, and of course, the 70's disco and for those that like Doo Wop (like I do, we also had those classics).

House parties were exactly that and friends. Now SETS were something else. I wasn't old enough to go to one of these, however, I did get a taste of it. My teenage babysitter threw one and she invited me - just to show off the latest dances she had taught me...and then I was banished from the party. I did notice that there were red and green lights. stuff to snack on and great music. She did tell me what went on at these SETS. Lot's of dancing especially SLOW dancing (like the grind, the elevator, etc.) these dances usually took place up against some wall. And of course there was ALWAYS a chaperone.

I never made it to one of these SETS just like I never made it to the Palladium....but they sure sounded like great times...but, I have the music.
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