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Re: I Remember Those Days

Originally posted by marthadel
I remember those house parties very well. I had my wedding in our apartment in the Wagner projects. It was in August with no AC You can imagine all those people in an apartment on a hot summer day. I remember also my friends in school talking about someone have a dance in their apartment. I think they called it going to a Set or something like that. I never went to any of those dances since I wasnt allowed to go out but, I remember everone talking about it the next day.

Those were the days before computers. How did we ever survive without computers?
Not sure why the house paries were called "Sets," but it may have been to distinguish them from a "House party" that were more family oriented - tios, tias, cousins, abuela, mom and pop, etc. Sets were also "Thrown" (yet another term) in apartments that house parties were given with the distinction or a virtual absence of aforementioned family members.

If someone helps me, I still have some invitations to sets and Social Club "Dances" that I can share by uploading some of them to this board.
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