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Re: Tony Rojas and TNT

Originally posted by Diana Lopez
Hi Jose,

Long time no speak. Just a little infor on the TNT Band. Their most popular song was Boogaloo Blues. It went something like this...I remember the time when I felt the world was mine...(chorus - LSD gotta hold on me...)

Does anyone remember this song?

As I had said before Jose I slept, ate, and was totally immersed in music from Latin to Soul, and Doowop and some rock and roll.

By the way the pet store you refer to on 109ths street is Petland.

I welcome more discussion on old latin songs. Does anyone remember the Swing Sextette and Joey Pastrana?

I do remeber The TNT Band. I do not, however, remeber their hits even when looking at the Titles " Borinqen Bella,"
" Mi Mulatta," and "Descarga TNT." I do recall and can veriy this by ownership that Johnny Colon recorded Boogaloo Blues.
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