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Hi Charles,

Thanks for correcting my mistake. You are SO RIGHT about who sang Boogaloo Blues. TNT did Meditation. (God, I must be slipping - me a Barrio lady that all I did was listen to music...I'll just say that this little old brain has lost some cells.)

Anyhow, glad to hear that other folks like the same music I did and still do. ( I prefer it to today's music).

I remember when Willie Colon rehearsed at our CYO (in St. Cecilia's). The song he played was Jazzy. Remember that album? Do you remember Our Lady Queen of Angels dances? and the great bands that played there...Palmieri, Barreto, etc.
or the Jazzmobile?

And let's not forget the BLOCK PARTIES... I still think 111th St. between Mad. & Park had the best ones. (but, of course I would say that....that was my block.)

Does anyone remember the social groups that would always throw dances? I remember the Latin Ladies but the others I've forgotten (there goes those lost cells again.)

Looking forward to the discussion...I truly loved those times.
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